When I was a kid I was fond of cinema and movie industry, but at that time I thought it was impossible to actually work in that industry. Nobody made films in the city where I used to live, and most of my friends preferred to become businessmen, lawyers and bankers. It happened that I worked in tourism for more than 7 years. Having realized that tourism is not “my cup of tea” I bought a camera and started to study everything related to filming, directing and writing scripts.

Today I film videos in my free time. I make promotional videos, interviews, travel videos and write a script for my first short film.

I am opened for new projects and always happy to get more work.
Contact me any time you want, drop me an email, I always reply within 24 hours.

There is a section on my website where I upload my latest videos and projects that I took part in. Take a look!

Here is the list of my services and benefits you can get while working with me.

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